Wheel Repair & Refinishing

When you choose our locally-owned and operated company to refinish or restore your wheels, you are getting a team of highly trained certified wheel technicians. Working closely with our technicians, you can add a little personality and uniqueness to your wheels. From adding a chrome finish to a candy color, we can help you create something unique.

Baid Polish is able to provide quality refinishing to wheels. If your wheel has clear coat, paint damage, corrosion, curb rash nicks or scrapes we are able to restore your wheel to near factory conditions. While this damage may seem cosmetic only, what happens is that the protective layer of paint or powder coat has been removed in that area, exposing the raw aluminum to the elements. This will eventually lead to oxidation, and corrosion of the base material. This can lead to low density areas in the aluminum which leak air from the tires or be more likely to crack during normal driving. Our goal is to provide the best refinishing service at the lowest cost possible. Please allow 24-72 hours for refinish work.

Wheel damage can take away from a vehicle its curb appeal remarkably. From gauges to scrapes and cracks, the inappropriate appearance can also result in a costly fix which is new wheels.

Luckily, Baid Polish has been perfecting our wheel refinishing services to match the growing demand for high standard wheel repairs.

A refinished wheel will provide the wheel a new like condition. It is essential to mark that the refinished wheel was genuinely utilized, so there may be a minor imperfections upon close investigation.

Our services can fix a number of wheel damage – from damaged rims and peel clear coats to bent and damaged wheels, our trained technicians are able to provide several types of wheels to their natural condition.

We offer Wheel Repair: curb rash, bends, cracks, wheel straightening. missing pieces. We provide quality trusted work and give the best to our customers who know that we hold
an honest and dependable business.