Metal Polishing

Our trained staff will polish and clean your vehicle to a very high standard at very vying prices. Keep your car in showroom condition through our quality metal polishing service. As professional U.S. metal polishers, we aim to offer a fully extensive and totally professional polishing service.

Here at Baid Polish, we provide the finest standards of finish and client service to be found anywhere and we have the upgraded equipment accessible and only utilize the very best products. We specialize in all facets of car polishing and car detailing.

We are highly experienced with prestige vehicles. We also provide prestige car polishing services for all forms of highly valuable vehicles.

Many people ask many questions about how we perform Metal Polishing Services to parts and get everything so much to a Chrome – Like Mirror Finish? We can perform Metal Polishing to many different metals such as Aluminum, Steel, Mild Steel, Titanium, Brass, Silver and other Metals too. Lets look into what really goes on when Polishing all these different kinds of Metals to a Mirror Finish.


After taking delivery we very carefully set everything out looking over the metal to see if it has any deep scratches, surface scratches in the metal and we see if the metal is aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, brass, etc. Depending on the type of metal the buffing wheels that we pick out may be different.


Now we need to check to make sure if we need to cut any protrusions off of the metal and we need to be sure to do this before the grinding phase as the grinding phase is more of a “rough smooth” phase. Cutting the metal is not considered a “smooth” phase at all, so this needs to be performed before the grinding.


Now would be the first phase of polishing the metal if you will, or better known as custom grinding. This process is only done to the metal if need be as you definitely would not want to grind anything away if it was un-necessary. We will custom grind off anything that needs to be taken off of the customers part as the customer requested.


This is the phase to get all the metal smoothed out after all of the grinding, cutting or maybe if the metal if very rough it will need to be smoothed out with a very coarse sand paper. Sanding the metal in a manner that is quick at all is going to require the use of sanding machines with special discs setup on the machines. Very careful attention needs to be paid to make sure all of the metal is perfectly smooth because if the metal is not smooth enough when you are finished with this stage then when you go to polish the metal later on it will show up very quickly.


Now that the metal surfacing of phase 1 is over we now have to get into Phase 2 which involves getting the very coarse grit just a little finer to get all of the deeper scratches out from Phase 1. This step is just as important as Phase 1 because if you go to the next step just a little too soon there will be a lot of time wasted and unless you want a bad metal polishing job then you are going to have to start all over again which will waste a lot of time and energy!


Now we are ready to start the early stages of polishing the metal. Remember what was said earlier about knowing what type of metal you are working with? Well this is where you really need to know this information depending on if you are doing aluminum polishing, stainless steel polishing, steel polishing, titanium polishing or performing polishing to any other type of metal will change what polishing wheel you will be using. When you get to this stage before starting you need to make sure all of the scratches are out from the Metal Surfacing Phase 2 because if not that will make this stage twice as difficult to do.


After you are finished up polishing the metal in Phase 1 this Phase will be just as difficult as the other Phase and probably more difficult in most cases. Before you even begin on Phase 2 though you need to make sure all the surface areas of the metal are uniform because if not that will make this stage so much more difficult. Be sure to have a good machine that can have a lot of pressure put on it for long periods of time. You will start to get a little bit of a Mirror Finish with this stage, but not quite good enough for Baid Polish.


Buffing Metal is not too difficult if you have the right tools and the right buffing wheels for the metal you are working with. Be sure to have a machine that can take a lot of stress and the metal will come out to a brilliant mirror finish once pressure is applied in a direction that will accent the metal. This Phase is the last phase for the Mirror Finish Polishing that if done correctly with the right polishing wheels for the right metal will come out to a Chrome – Like Mirror Finish. Once you are doing buffing the metal you will need to perform the cleanup phase which I will be writing about next time.