Gold Plating

Baid Polish specializes in 24 karat gold plating for your pride and joy. Today, our vehicles are a direct extension of our personality. So it’s just a natural fit to do the little extra things that will make your vehicle look the best it can. Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, by chemical or electrochemical means. Our parts are plated with the purest 24-karat gold to give your emblem that golden luster that will draw attention to any car.

When it comes to 24 karat gold plating, Baid Polish is a leader in the industry. Each of our professional electroplating finishes is of exceptionally high quality. We also specialize in providing candy rose gold powder coating services in the USA.

Plating has been a crucial element in the growth of modern technology. Plating is utilized for corrosion resistance, to enhance solderability of an exterior, hardening, to enhance wear-ability, decline friction, to enhance paint adhesion, change conductivity, for designing and other purposes.

At Baid Polish, our electroplating abilities are very extensive and involve the broadest range of plating materials, colors, and tints accessible for your metal restoration and refinishing needs.