Copper Plating

Copper plating is a coating of copper metal on another material, often other metals. Plating is designed to increase durability, strength, or visual appeal, and copper plating specifically is often used to improve heat and electrical conductivity.

When you need first-rate copper plated brakes services, visit Baid Polish in the USA. We are the professionals in plating and refinishing different auto parts like air vents and bumpers. Before we plate all forms of metals, we make certain to first polish dings and dents to generate a high standard finish. We always try to provide complete satisfaction to all our clients.

We heavy copper plate all sectors necessary as standard, paying specific attention to the needed tolerance and fit. This empowers us to recover several parts not considered possible, and provides a remarkable finish and more essentially level of weather preservation.

Copper plating was the factory standard for both Rolls-Royce and Mercedes and in our mind provides the only way to execute a quality job.

We also offer a clear coat on top of the copper so it doesn’t tarnish.