Chrome Plating

Baid Polish uses a 'Triple Layer Blue/Bright Chromium System'. Most metals which are used in cars, motorcycles are suitable for chrome plating. All the wheels are stripped of paint/clear coating. If wheel is already chromed, additional charge per wheel is added to strip old chrome off.

Baid Polish is one of the leading providers of chrome plating services to both the private home and trade restorer in the U.S. region.

We offer skilled, professional and affordable chrome plating service as well as chrome restoration services to clients. Being chrome plating professional, our attention to technical knowledge, quality and expertise grant us to also provide innovations such as the ability to chrome plastic parts.

Whether you are a bike or car enthusiast seeking to have chrome parts repaired, or a restoration place executing restorations for individuals, we ask you to call us for chrome plating services.

Prior to chroming, we polish the parts for a smooth and shiny finish.

All Chrome Plated Parts Receive The Following Treatment:

  • Base Zinc and Nickel Coating

  • Polished Copper Coating

  • Top High Mirror Gloss Chrome Coating